The How To On Affiliate Marketing [The Complete Facts]

The Step By Step Blueprint to The How To on Affiliate Marketing

For most people, the worldwide web/internet is a convenient source that is utilized for personal use.

People usually search up how-to guides like “how to make a simple but delicious breakfast” or in our case “The How-To On Affiliate Marketing”.

However, before we go over the how-to, let’s briefly consider a moment to take a step back to see what brought you to acknowledge this type of opportunity.

I would not be surprised the reason you’re here is that you’ve been hearing promising reports about the affiliate marketing business in general.

So for starters, how about we examine to see if this would be the case and would it continue to be advantageous.

First, could the Online Affiliate Marketing Business present a realistic opportunity to make money online?

To find the answer to this question, let’s see what the world population is telling us. (Source acquired from

There are presently around (2020 Est.) 7,796,615,710 billion people on earth and of which, as of December 31, 2019, there are 4,574,150,134 billion people utilizing the internet.

This represents that there are more than a good half of the world’s population is online searching the web for something. 

I would not be surprised to say most are online daily and if not hourly.

Wouldn’t you agree?

To contrast how things have dramatically changed since 10 years ago (end of 2008) there were 6,789,771,253 billion people on earth and of which only 1,463,632,361 billion used the internet.

This represented that only 20% percent of the world population were internet users back then.

Since 2008 and to the present (2018 Est.), the population net growth for the 10 years was 844,987,175 million people.

However, on the internet side, there were an amazing 2,693,299,779 billion additional new users joining in on the internet seen over the same 10 years period.

Using simple math, this represents an annual net average growth of 84,498,717 million people for the world population yet an incredible 269,329,977 million a year or 22,444,164 million new users per month over the 10 years.

As a result, using simple math again, while the world population maintained the expected growth of 12% percent or 1.2% per year during the time period.

Yet on the internet side, it rose to an unbelievable booming 18.4% per year or an incredible184% percent for the 10 years.

So why is this great news for the internet/online business as a whole?

Well, let me translate that in Internet revenue terms.

Revenues for                         2008                                     2017

  • Google                     21.8 billion                            109.65 billion
  • Amazon                   19.17 billion                           117.87 billion
  • Microsoft                  60.42 billion                            89.95 billion
  • Facebook             765 million (2009 Rev)               39.94 billion

As revealed above (data obtained from, the revenues have continuously increased for these online/internet-driven companies.

Furthermore, as the world’s yearly new births continue to outpace the departed, as evidenced since human existence.

The same order will be actualized when the novice internet users are superseded by the more advanced internet users.


Well, I guess until a new revolutionizing technological advancement breakthrough will come along and replace the internet.

Simply, in other words.

The influence of the internet will not stagnate or become saturated at any time soon.

And, the present trickle-down effect from this tremendous expansion as a result of the internet sector, in all probability, will continue to generate enormous job creation throughout the entire world.

Making this present time and at least for another decade, prompt a genuine opportunity for a legitimate entry point to get involved.

“I say the sooner the better.” What would you say?

With that being said, let’s momentarily take a minute to refamiliarize ourselves in grasping and understanding the basics.

So, what is Affiliate Marketing Exactly?

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing arrangement and as an Affiliate Marketer, you sign up with an Online Retailer for an Affiliate Program. This affiliate program allows you to direct your referral(s) to the retailer’s website. And If your referral(s) makes a purchase then the online retailer pays you a commission.

To give you a much clearer picture, first, you get a website and onto your website, you add all the (ads) Banners and links from the company and/or networks you’ve signed up with for the affiliate program.

When visitors to your website see something they are interested in they will click on the (ads) banner(s) and/or link()s. Then immediately your referral(s) are forwarded to the online retailer’s website.

Now on the company’s/online retailer’s website, your referral can complete the transaction.

One other thing and not to go ahead of ourselves but sometimes during the transaction, the referral may decide to buy more of the other goods and/or services to add on top of the total.

When the purchase or purchases are completed, you’ll receive a commission based on the percentage of the entire sum of the goods and/or services.

Well, there it is in a nutshell.

I hope you now have a better understanding as to how you’ll earn money by the means of Affiliate Marketing and as an Affiliate Marketer.

You now have the complete definition of identifying who becomes an Affiliate Marketer and what is meant by and who offers an Affiliate Program.

One last vital data before we get to the how-to steps.

Listed below are all that you may or would need for your website/internet/online affiliate marketing business.

Please be advised this applies to everyone or anyone that uses a website for business and that’s including the multi-billion dollar companies.

It would be wise and beneficial if you familiarize yourself.

Costs are in U.S. dollars.

The Make Up of a Website's Components and Costs

With that being said, here are the steps to The How-To on Affiliate Marketing.

Step 1. Acquire Domain Name, Website, and Web Hosting.

  1. Domain name: This will become your business name and address. Price range from $0 to $100+ a year. Search the web on how to get a free domain name or purchase through Registrars.
  2. Website: Build it yourself for free by learning through the internet or pay someone else to do it. Cost: $0 to $1000+.
  3. Web Hosting: Storage space and enable entry to the website. Cost: $3 to $100+ monthly. Purchase through a Hosting company or in most cases the Registrar.

Step 2. Learn How-To Maintain, Utilize, and Generate traffic.

  1. Maintaining your website: Users, updates, tools, setting, backup, themes, widgets, menus, header, backgrounds, editors, etc. Cost: $0 if you learn yourself through web searches or $100 to $1000+ a year for education/instruction. Related components: Software set-up and maintenance: $120+ per hour, Continued Website Maintenance: $500+ yearly, SSL: Secure Sockets Layer: $10 to $100+ yearly.
  2. Utilizing your website: Creating and adding content (post, pages, and media), and utilizing plugins, appearance, tools, and settings. Cost: $0 if you learn yourself or $100 to $1000+ a year for education/instruction. Related components: Media, Video, and Audio for a website: $0 to $100+ yearly, Keyword research: $100+ yearly, Copywriting: $10 to $100+ per hour, Grammar check/ Editor: $0 to $100+ yearly, Website Shopping Cart: $10 to $3,000 monthly, and Merchants Account: 1% to 4.5% of transaction.
  3. Educate yourself on generating traffic to your website through Organic Searches Results (keyword), Social Media, Social Networks, Personal contacts, Paid advertisement, etc.. Cost: $0 if you learn yourself online or $100 to $1000+ a year for paid education/instruction. Related components: Business Email Address: $.99 to $100+ monthly, Autoresponder: $10 to $100+ monthly, Search Engine Optimization: $100 to $300 per hour, Advertisement: i.e. Pay Per Click (PPC): $.01+ per click, and Marketing Your Website Online: $100+ monthly.

Step 3.

  1. Sign up for Affiliate Program(s) with Online Retailer(s) and/or Affiliate Network(s).
  2. Paste the retailer’s or network’s (ads) banner(s) and/or link(s) on to your website.
  3. Generate traffic to your website by utilizing all the methods you’ve learned. Using personal contacts, social media, social networks, keyword content, email or like tools, advertisements, etc..
  4. Track the performance and results from the (ads) banner(s)and link(s) by utilizing the website tools like Google Analytics, Google search console, Bing webmaster, etc.

There you have it boiled down. I tried to keep it as simple as much as possible.

I really want to thank you for your persistence of hanging in here this far and I’m happy to say there is a benefit for you enduring with me thus far.

For your patience, how would you like it if I was to say that Step 1 and sections of Step 2 can be done at zero cost out of your pocket?

I’m not talking about searching for free information here and there on the internet but all from One Location/Place.

Would you be interested?

Hopefully, you said yes.

Because if you said yes, here’s how you can learn and get started not only as an Affiliate Marketer but also as an Online Entrepreneur or simply speaking an Owner of Your Own Website/Online Business.

Where you can enjoy the fringe benefit of being able to work from anywhere or anyplace with just your PC and an internet connection.

How does it sound? Is it of your interest?

If so.,

Here’s how it works.

But first, (Please note, there are No Free Starter Membership / Free Training Lessons for people living in Bangladesh, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tanzania, and Vietnam. Only the paid or Premium Membership is offered. Plus, unfortunately, the following countries are unable to join Premium, even as a paid Premium member. Senegal, Turkey, and Nigeria.) 

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Learn how to complete Step 1: Acquiring a Domain Name, Website, and Web Hosting for Free.

Also, the basics of Step 2: Learn How-To Maintain, Utilize, and Generate traffic.

Wealthy Affiliate 10 Free Training Lessons

However, please note I don’t want to give you the impression this an easy Get-Rich-Quick scheme because it’s not and much of your time and effort is needed.

Do not expect you’ll make money instantaneously through this training because it is not designed that way.

If you’re coming thinking I’ll make money quick I suggest you look elsewhere.

I don’t want to mislead you in any way this is easy for the reason that it’s not.

Honestly, because we are “Not a Scam”.

Although, rarely there are times where a very few individuals having prior experience and/or existing business of which they can utilize to see quick results.

However, the majority of us will not and could take several months or possibly even over a year to see any revenue.

Nevertheless, I don’t want to make it sound like it’s hopeless either because of how quickly or how slowly it will be dependent on the individual to manage his/her own results.

Quite frankly speaking, each individual is in charge of the outcome of his/her business.

Within our platform, all the Free Starter Member will receive equal help and support as a free member.

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I’ll be more than happy to hear from you and depending on which part of the world you live I’ll do my best to reply promptly.

Here’s To Your Massive Success.







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