Steps To Starting An Internet Business [Step-By-Step Guide]

Welcome to my page on Steps to Starting an Internet Business.

Understanding the steps to starting an internet business is undoubtedly important in ensuring the best outcome for the business.

Since most of us are familiar with starting a brick and mortar business opposed to starting an internet/online business, let’s briefly review what is entailed in starting a brick and mortar business. By doing this, it will serve us in understanding the internet/online business. I’ll be sure to explain this simply and understandably or in other words laymen’s terms

Please be informed that the method specified, applies to the U.S. and could very well vary depending on your particular country. Ask legal counsel for the customary procedure that’s required of the country of your inhabitance.

With that being said, the first step in starting a new business is to determine what type of business you want to establish or acquire. And while on the topic of selecting what type of business, let me simply add, start with what your interests, ideas, love, passion, knowledge, and experience you have.

Once the type of business is defined, then comes the location and the structure of the property, and to keep it simple, let’s call the structure of the property “Storefront”.

After deciding on the location and the storefront, choose a name for the business and be certain it can be registered with the county clerk. In other words, the name you have selected may have already been chosen by someone or trademark protected.

Next comes the sign, which identifies, describes and reveals what this business is about.

At this point, before, during or after the sign, you need to fill the business with stocks, supplies, merchandise, services, etc., and for this let’s call it “Goods and Services” for short.

Finally, followed by (bank account, credit card and or payment system), workers, rent or mortgage, (property, casualty and liability insurance), equipment purchase or leases, utilities, maintenance, and to cut short, let’s stop here.

To briefly summarize the steps.

  • Type of business
  • Location and property (storefront)
  • Register name
  • Sign
  • Stocks, supplies, merchandise, services, etc. (goods and services)
  • (bank account, credit card and/or payment system), workers, rent or mortgage, (property, casualty and liability insurance), equipment purchase or leases, utilities, maintenance, etc..

But keep in mind, all this is meaningless without the foot traffic, from our customers, clients, and consumers or however you may address them. They represent the soul of a successful business.

Well, in a nutshell, this represents what we pretty much think of when referring to a brick and mortar business.

Now let’s compare how similar or different the brick and mortar is to the internet/online business. Now here are the Steps To Starting An Internet Business

Before starting an internet/online business, you need to also identify the type of internet/online business you want to start. Then followed by the location, property, sign, goods, and services and most importantly attract customers, clients, and consumers.


First, type of business, what do you want to sell or do?

  • With an internet/online business, you could sell your goods and services or someone else’s goods and services.
  • You could write about almost anything and everything you love, hate, care, support, reject, believe or help just to name a few and get paid.
  • You could show most videos of something you love, hate, care, support, reject, believe, help, etc., and get paid.
  • You could teach people about something you love, hate, care, support, reject, believe, help, etc., and get paid.

Hopefully, you’re starting to get the idea from all the information mentioned above. Those are just a few types of internet/online businesses. You will find more possibilities by searching the web.

At this point, I would like to mention I’m leaving out the IP (Internet Protocol) address and URL (Uniform Resource Locator) to keep it simple. But as you may have already experienced, since there is no shortage of information on the web, just simply search IP (Internet Protocol) address and URL (Uniform Resource Locator) if you wish.

After choosing the type of business, next comes the name of your business. Now as I have explained previously, you need to choose a name for the brick and mortar business that is not taken by someone else or which can be registered. It goes the same for the internet/online business and the business name in internet/online terms is called a “Domain Name”. The domain name will look something like this ( or (

The domain name must be registered with the registrars (in layman’s terms the company that sells you the domain name e.g., Siterubix, Godaddy, etc.). The registrars in accordance with the internet regulators will inform you in an instant which domain name is available or not before your purchase.

Once you have purchased your domain name from the registrar, the registration is automatically taken care of by the registrar. And with the purchase of your domain name, from this point onward you’re the owner of the Internet/online business (domain) name and the address, all in one.

In brick and mortar terms, you have determined the type of business, the business name, registered the business and you have established the location (the address) of your business. But you don’t have as of yet the storefront, sign, goods and services.

Next, comes the storefront and in internet/online terms, it’s called a “Website” and to comprehend it fully let’s visualize a storefront.

We see storefronts every single day when we are out walking or driving. The storefronts, with their many conflicting, but unique signs clearly identifying, describing and revealing what their businesses are about. And through the crystal clear windows, you can see the goods and services giving off an added detail of the professional quality of the business.

Once your website is completed it should personify itself like a storefront. Highly professional, easy on the eyes to look at and quite inviting. An unintimidating website encouraging many to further examine your site.

And lastly, unlike the brick and mortar storefront, you can build your own website for free or of course, have someone build it for you at a cost. If you are interested in learning about starting your online business including free websites, click here.

Now, we come to one of the most important areas when it comes to generating traffic and that is the sign. If a brick and mortar business had no sign but just a storefront, most likely you will have little or no people stopping by and the same goes for the internet/online business.

The main purpose of a sign is to create the traffic (try “grab the attention of possible customers”) and unlike a brick and mortar where the sign is visible for all to see, with an internet/online business you must get your sign to appear in front of the people who are searching on the web for your type of business as often as possible. The sign on the worldwide web is unlike a sign on a brick and mortar. Your sign would look concise, abbreviated as a snippet of your content, see below.

Steps To Starting An Internet Business

When a person searches by using keyword or keywords that are relevant to your type of business (sign), not only your business (sign) shows up, but all related businesses (signs) will appear on the list as well. This list is referred to as “Search Engine Results Page” or SERP for short. These signs that show up on the SERP are concise, appearing as a snippet of the website’s content (pages, posts and/or media) as shown above.

First, few on top, bottom and in some cases on the right side of the screen are the paid ads (Pay Per Click – PPC) or Non-Organic Search Results. And then followed by the rest of the searches called “Organic Search Results” in short Free search results. From the 1st on down to the 100,000,000th (ranked or ranking) on the list and, so-on, that are related or relevant to the search.

The paid ads are easy enough to understand but what about the organic search results. Why and/or how are the organic search results determined in the ranking where they are on the list.

Let me just say that in order to make sense of how the organic search results are ranked you need first to understand what the search engines use to determine rank.

I hope if you’ve clicked on the link above that it has brought you some clarity on how your content would get ranked.

In conclusion, if I haven’t already overwhelmed you by now, the bottom line is to get or lead people to visit your website. By utilizing paid advertisement, using keywords for your organic search result and or numerous other paid services to get visitors to your website.

And by applying these methods to obtain a rank of your website contents closest to the first page of google, yahoo, bing, etc., and create a stream of continuous traffic/visitors to your website.

Finally, you are now ready to fill your website with goods and services. In internet/online terms, it is referred to as “content” and here is where it gets a little complicated if you are not confused by now.

Unlike the brick and mortar, where you supply your business with goods and services, it’s all there. As inventory gets low, you restock.

Well, with an internet/online business you can only add your content through a hosting company. The hosting company, in turn, will store your content and provide access to your website whenever someone wants to visit. In other words, only through the hosting company can the website and content be viewed, updated, changed or worked on.

It’s like your computer’s hard drive is no longer part of your computer and is with the hosting company. Every time you need to do something you have to go through the hosting company to gain access.

Once you have your website up and running, you now need to cultivate, develop and have your online business flourish through adding new and improving on your existing posts, pages, and media or in internet terms the “content of your site”.

Let’s summarize one final time.

  • Identify the type of internet business: sell yours, sell others, write, blog, teach, video, etc.
  • Domain name (business name and address all in one): Buy from a registrar or get for free.
  • Website: build for free or pay.
  • Search results: paid advertisement, paid services or using organic search results through keywords to obtain the best ranking and create free traffic or visitors.
  • Content: Using a hosting company and use of keywords in your content. Use of your posts, pages, and media.

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