How To Make Money From A Free Education Online [Complete Online Business]

How A Free Education Online Can Lead To Your Financial Freedom

Would you be interested in a free education online that would train you on how to become an owner of your own online business?

How might you like it if the free training would guides you through the lessons, step-by-step, on how to properly set up your Website, Domain Name, and Hosting to get your website ready to make money online?

Just in case if you’re new to the online business world and curious as to how many different ways there are to making money online, here are some few examples.

  • Sell your own goods and/or services or have others sell for you. (e-commerce)
  • Sell other’s goods and/or services through Affiliate Marketing Programs
  • Become a Blogger – write about or review of other’s or your interests, hobbies, love, passion, experiences, etc.
  • Create a website and then sell the website.
  • Sell advertising space on your site. e.g. (Google Adsense)
  • Email Marketing – Utilization of an email list.
  • Lead generation website.
  • Webinar – seminar through the web.
  • Training and Workshops
  • Donation Website
  • Selling the contents of your site
  • Begin a forum
  • Job Board

I could go on and on but let me stop here. You could search the web for more opportunities on your own.

The possibilities can be limitless just what you can do if you have your own website.

However, even greater for those with a creative, innovative, and imaginative mind.

But before I go ahead of myself, here’s a quick glimpse of the free training lessons I’ve mentioned.

Wealthy Affiliate 10 Free Training Lessons

What’s more, here’s a concise outline of what to expect.

  1. Getting Rolling: How to create success. A Walk-through Introduction.
  2. Understanding How to make money online: Explanation of the process of how to make money online. Understanding the process of how to make money online. Setting Financial Goals.
  3. Choose a Niche: Explanation of a Niche. Choosing a Niche. Choosing your direction.
  4. Building Your Own Website: Build your Website. Choose the Theme or the type of Website. Choose a Domain. Choose a Website Name. Choose a Design for your Website.
  5. Setting Up Your Website: Set-up your Website. Log into your Website. Activate and update your plugins. post, pages, and comments.
  6. Getting Your Site Ready for SEO: Set-up All in One SEO on your Site.
  7. Finding Content Ideas from Keywords: Creating your initial Website Content. Creating Your “About Me” POST. Adding your “Privacy Policy” PAGE.
  8. Creating Custom Menus on Your Website: Creating custom menus and navigation. Create a custom menu on your Website.
  9. Understanding Keywords, The start of your content: WHAT IS A KEYWORD? Keyword mastery. Keyword searches.
  10. Congratulations and Your Next Steps: By this stage, your Website is active and Live on the Worldwide Web.

What do you think? Not too bad for something that’s free, wouldn’t you say?

Have I had come across this free knowledge when I first got started, it would have spared me the time, money, aggravation, humiliation, and the run-around I had to go through with these deceitful lowlifes on the web.

So first, be careful of lies and scams.

The principal reason for me falling victim to the scammers was due primarily to the fact there was a lack of any worthy and reliable source of information on the web.

So, prior to discovering this source, for my experience, I had to pay my dues and did I paid the price. For more on avoiding scams click here.

How I have searched tirelessly for an honest, legitimate, clear-cut, and straightforward method in getting my online business started and operational.

And by which I’m alluding to is everything that is associated with preparing a Website, Domain name, and Hosting setup and then up and running to go live on the web.

Too many choices yet very few are qualified.

Believe me, there were and still are very few resources to rely on receiving the correct instructions on how to get your Website, Domain Name, and Hosting to all function properly.

To clarify, there are endless “how-to” on the web.

However, needless to say, it’s mostly in bits and pieces, here a little and there a little.

You rarely find a “how-to” presented in an instructive and interactive setting environment.

And even if you were lucky enough to find a complete comprehensive training, either it is very difficult to follow along or it turns out not to be Free.

The basics should be given for free without concern for the cost.

I truly believe everyone deserves the opportunity to learn and be taught the correct and proper way for free from the very start.

Since all newbie/beginner do not have a clear idea if he/she will pursue the online business as a career, on a full-time or to supplement their income, they must be given the best opportunity at no cost first.

And of which the most significant part would be knowing how to get an online business/website up and running from the very initial outset.

As for me, I paid for useless information way before I even got to the point of building a website, and knowing what I know now that is just “wrong”.

Once again because we don’t know for certain if the beginner/newbie will continue for the long-run valid information is a must.

This way newbies/beginners can make the best decision going forward.

If the online business is easy, everyone would be doing it.

Still, in these present days, I’m surprised not seeing on the web, anyone advising the new reader(s)/viewer(s) that they shouldn’t pay for certain training and website(s) as I’m doing now.

However, to let the reader(s) know ahead of time if you decide to pursue the online/web/internet as your own long-term business, please be advised there will be costs.

More on costs associated with online/web/internet business continues below.

How my search was finally over.

For me, my search ended when I eventually discovered this free source.

To start within the first place, they thoroughly instructed and guided me through setting up my Website, Domain Name, and Hosting for free as promised.

And from the very start, I was never left alone because there were over a million members throughout the world to help and support me 24/7.

Not to mention the recurrent help and support as I continued to grow my business well into this present time and onto what lies tomorrow.

As a result, for me, from the rundown above, I sell other’s goods and/or services as an Affiliate Marketer through the Affiliate Marketing Program.

Your plans and goals for your online business/website may be entirely different than mine.

But nevertheless, you can be assured your online business/website will come to fruition through the resources they provide.

So, if you’re starting to get interested it gets even better.

How would you like it in the event you get one (1) Free Website of your own to keep?

That is so far, free training lessons and one (1) free website of your own just for joining as a free starter member.

I’m certain, pretty much by now, you’re saying to yourself “What’s the catch?” Right?

Well, there is one catch and I do apologize to all the beginners and newbies from the countries listed below.

Please note, there are No Free Starter Membership / Free Training Lessons for people living in Bangladesh, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tanzania, and Vietnam. Only the paid or Premium Membership is offered. Plus, unfortunately, the following countries are unable to join Premium, even as a paid Premium member. Senegal, Turkey, and Nigeria.

Otherwise, there is No Catch. You’ll receive everything you’ve read above just for becoming a Free Starter Member.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership

  • Free Starter Membership
  • No Credit Card Required
  • We ask for No Personal Information
  • Your Email Address WILL NOT Be Sold Off
  • Free Starter Member: Training Lessons
  • One (1) Free Website (Keep Forever)
  • Instant Help and Support

If you’re interested in getting started click on the banner above.

However, I strongly suggest you continue reading to gain a thorough understanding as to what to expect after your website is up, running, and live on the web.

To continue and conclude;

First, exactly what are the costs I should know beforehand?

Recorded below are costs for doing business online utilizing a website.

Be advised everyone including the multi-billion dollar companies and people like you and I incur these costs with “No Exceptions”.

Some of you could incur additional expenses from which I may have left out incorporating on the list.

Costs in US dollarsThe Make Up of a Website's Components and Costs

I don’t mean to overwhelm you but this is a reality and is inevitable to transpire.

As I have stated you’ll incur these costs and there are no exceptions.

So be prepared ahead of time if you decide on pursuing as a profession or on a full-time basis.

As you complete your free training lessons, you’ll become more acclimated as to which direction you would want to take your online business/website.

What’s next,

To begin with, you need to decide whether to remain as a Free Starter Member and expand on your free website.

Or on the other hand, upgrade to the Premium Membership but at a cost of $49.00/month and step up to the next level.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership


At no time do we compel you to upgrade. It’s completely your decision to make.

Be that it may, as I am assuring you, one thing for sure without a doubt, by completing the Free Training Lessons you’ll definitely know whether becoming an online business owner would be the right or best choice for you.

As mentioned, online business is not for everyone because otherwise, everyone would be doing it.

Subsequently, if you refer to the costs of doing business online and compare them to our Premium Membership, you’ll be surprised that a decent sum is included in our Premium Membership.

Components Included and Not Included with Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

For those of you considering to advance to the next level, you’ll gain the added benefits of having these resources included in your Premium Membership of which you would have needed anyway.

You can even save more money by becoming an Annual Premium Member which would cost $495.00 once a year. This works out to $41.25 a month.

Once again, I want to disclose all this to you now ahead of time so you don’t feel you’ve been misled.

Also, I want to reassure those of you contemplating on discontinuing after completing your Free Training Lessons, to do so if you wish, for there will be no repercussions.

When we say it’s free, we mean it’s free, please don’t feel you’re obligated.

For additional information about Wealthy Affiliate and the Education, Websites, Hosting, Domains, Community, and Success Stories, Click Here.

I hope this information I’ve provided would be of an asset in your pursuit of achieving your Successful Online Business and Financial Freedom.

If you haven’t already click on the banners above to take advantage of these free lessons, I encourage you to do so.

Considering something that’s free, you’ll be happily surprised and would not regret the experience you would earn and the knowledge you would gain.

On the off chance, you’re only here for the Free Education, Free Website, and decide not to upgrade to our Premium Membership, well, as I noted before, That’s Okay as Well.

I want to thank you for the time you have shared with me and hope to see you around as a new member of our community.

Please leave me a comment or a question. I’ll be more than happy to hear from you and I’ll make every effort to reply promptly.

Here’s to your Massive Success.













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  1. I want to sign up but have 1 question. does my 7 day trial start as soon as I sign up or is there a login that activates the trial?

    • Hello Santana,

      First of all, I want to thank you for your reply.

      My motivation for offering a free education is to simply reveal that not all that you come across on the web are scams. As I’ve personally experienced while searching for a legit source for me to get started on building my own online business.

      If you had considered starting a business of your own then you’ll be the best judge trying our free training lessons. It’s a good place to see if the online business is something that you would want to pursue simply for free and without risk.

      If you’re interested here’s the link.

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