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In order to sustain our existence most of us need to interact with people with different types of personality in our daily lives.

We try to best communicate among family, friends, co-workers, people we do business with, socialize with and even with a stranger, we meet along the way.

We make an effort to associate with everyone fairly, honestly, ethically and hopefully as a result that will bring out the best outcome for oneself and all others as well.

We don’t need to be reminded people, in general, are so different.

We think differently, we act differently, we laugh at different jokes whereas we react to humor differently.

We even answer conversely when asked the same question which leads to diverse actions, conclusions, cause, and effect.

And at times, we don’t seem to agree on anything.

How frustrating.

Is there anything thing we can do to better understand each other?

What if I say people may not be as complicated as you think.

Will you be surprised if I say most people tend to have one or two of the four types of personality: Analytical, Direct (Driver), Amiable and/or Expressive?

Let try to make sense to better relate and communicate with one another by understanding the different personality or personalities that we may have.

And by chance, if you have thought, hey, I want to find out my personality type then I hope this page could help you figure things out.

Allow me to begin our journey together.



the-thinkerAnalytical personality will dot every “i” and cross every “t”.

They need to know what, where, when, how, why, who, as well as, all and whatever additional information and still would not be satisfied.

They are fact-oriented, organized, very neat and structured.

They have a single-minded determination to examine and solve problems.

They’re curious and want to get to the bottom of things.

They have a strong work ethic and often times they seem to be too much by the book and little or no bending of rules.

Other traits they are known to be disciplined, precise, cautious, logical, accurate, restrained, traditional, prudent and willful.

They are the business analyst, forensics, engineer, mathematician, philosopher, theologian, inventor, research, architect, and scientist.

They are reserved and quiet people. They want to get things done on their time schedule and hates to be rushed.

For them making a decision can be agonizing at times and will take a long time before a decision is finalized. They want everything to be perfect and horrified by making errors.

Due to their factual and logical nature, they seem to come across being cold and emotionless.

Analytical types frown at all personality types when it comes to business because they get mental blocked when pressured into making a decision.

An amiable person, who we will go over, will bring out the least pressure in a business dealing.

So, the best way to address for an Analytical person to have them make a decision or take action one would need to be to be well prepared. Have facts, figures, data, graphs, testimonials and /or references ready.

Unless they figured it out for themselves before you got there, no decision or action would be made on your first meeting.

Don’t be surprised to follow up with more meetings and discussions.

And don’t be equally surprised when they come up to you when you’re least expected days, weeks, months and even years later to say that they agree with you.

During your meeting, you must not come across as being confrontational, forceful, aggressive or too salesy.

Making sure to speak to them calmly, factually and logically will bring out the best results.

The best case scenario is to be in a position to let them know that you are there for a set or limited time and, in the end, you would need a decision.

This way they would know in advance that you are expecting an answer. Otherwise, they will take forever deciding and waste everyone’s time.

Realize the only thing that can be managed with an Analytical is the time that you have set aside for them.

And by letting them know up front how much time you have set aside for them, worse comes to worst, you would have managed the meeting and saved time for everyone.

A mutual benefit for all.

So, is this you or are you still searching for your personality type?

There’s more to come let’s move on.



successDirect (Driver) people want to be in charge for the good or for the bad. They know what they want and are not afraid to let you know.

They get results in the shortest amount of time making a quick and assertive decision.

They take control over all matters, goals, and results. They thrive on the challenge to complete a task and are driven to succeed.

They look at you dead in the eyes. They come across as having little or no emotion.

Drivers are demanding, controlling, arrogant, forceful, assertive, aggressive, decisive, stubborn and strong-willed.

They are straight to the point and dislike being complicated with details. They have no patience for minor details.

They have an attitude either you are for me or against me. Follow and don’t get in the way of me reaching the goal.

Favorable decisions are made when things are presented simple, short and to the point.

They are the business managers, law enforcement, business owner, extreme or sports athlete, chef, pilot, military and skilled trades.

In business, Drivers are frustrated with Analytical people because of the difference in time management and detail.

They find an Expressive type to be too emotional in the business world but loves Amiable type due to their pleasing nature, loyalty, trust and being a team player.

To bring out the best results with the Direct (Drivers) once again, you must be simple, short, get to the point, talk bottom line and goals.

Must realize it’s what they want and not what you want. Drivers know what they want.

Unless there were clear benefits they have missed or unless you have the authority to make changes that could improve the outcome there isn’t much you can do.

Do not make promises you can not keep.

Are you the Driver or still looking to find your personality type.

No fear more to come.



smileyAmiable individuals are the peacemakers and dislike confrontation.

They have a strong desire to please everyone.

They’re loyal, trusting, and a team player.

They are warm, caring and nurturing. They patiently listen to everything you have to say. They honestly show their true feelings when you give them a chance.

They dislike details and facts and makes decisions slowly. They make decisions based on others around them and how it may impact them.

They are supportive, patient, mature, stable, considerate, cheerful, friendly, mellow and good-humored.

They are in the medical, health, administration, education, therapy, customer service, child care, counselor, and clergy.

Due to their nature of trying to please everyone, they are very neutral and seek majority approval and can come across wishy-washy.

Amiable types are the most flexible when interacting with other types of personality.

They prefer to follow due to their pleasing nature and have no problem having others lead, especially in the business atmosphere.

Most importantly trust must be earned to have their loyalty, honesty, and commitment.

Otherwise, they will continue to be themselves trying to please everyone, however, they would be more reserved in their actions or be wishy-washy.

To get a favorable decision from an Amiable, you must not only center around them but also how it would help the needs and benefit all those that influence their life.

Avoid long details and facts furthermore expect that the decision-making process will be slow.

For a quicker decision, you need to show them how the result helped, benefited and fulfilled the needs of the majority.

Although must be truthful they are not stupid.

Have we found you yet or are you still in the quest to find your personality type.

Well, there’s one more.



Live in the MomentExpressive ones want to be and are the life of the party and love to be the center of attention.

They are not shy about meeting new people and socializing with strangers would not be a problem.

They are known for their social networking talent.

They have a knack for breaking the ice for everyone in a tense environment.

They enjoy helping others.

They have a very high energy level and are motivated to use it somehow.

They’re always on the go, places to be, and things to do because being bored stresses them out.

They have a weakness of falling in love too easily and fall out of love just as fast.

They sometimes make the decision for the sack of making a decision just to see what will happen.

Their work areas are on the messy side but they manage to find what they need.

They are gifted with too many great ideas but fall short to follow up on them.

They have a tendency to get off on a tangent while they are talking.

Expressive loves to talk and talk for the sack of talking.

Unlike Analytical and Amiable who are equally talkative but to those they feel comfortable and trust.

They are talkative, dramatic, optimistic, charming, colorful, influential, enthusiastic, spontaneous and animated.  They are simply emotional and proud to show it.

They love doing sales, marketing, advertising, hospitality, recruitment, media, politics, theater, and arts.

If you want an affirmative decision from an Expressive you need to take control of the of the meeting.

When they talk about what they enjoy and interest them, you must take control and limit how long they talk because they love to talk, loves attention and have many great ideas which will lead you in all different direction.

Keep in mind they have a habit of making decisions quickly, get bored easily and get off on a tangent.

You must stay on topic and guide them to the decision that’s best for them.

In most cases, an Expressive will agree with you when you guide, organize and manage the meeting but don’t think just because they agreed to everything that it’s a done deal.

Their promise to follow up on their commitment can be short-lived.

They don’t mean to break their promise deliberately.

In their mind, they downplay the situation justifying it’s not important and then lose interest, get bored and forget which result in leaving a negative impression of them.

We need to accept the fact that when we deal with an Expressive what we just spoke about above could very well be a reality.

The great news is that an Expressive is like a fine wine by which they get better with time.

With more experience, repetition, time and help an Expressive can overcome their negative habits and issues. Some faster than others.

Simply speaking Expressive are the easiest to persuade compared to Analytical, Driver and/or Amiable.

So If we are only looking out for our benefit and put the blame on the Expressive because they changed their mind, we’re equally guilty.

Provided that our relationship with an Expressive is not a toxic relationship we should be willing to help.


humanThis wraps-up the personality types.

However, as you may have caught on by now we are not just an Analytical, Direct, Amiable or Expressive.

All of us have a domineering personality yet most of us are a combination of two types and few of us are a mix of three or all four depending on our experience.

I have two sons and one is definitely an Analytical but he is messy and unorganized and the other son very Expressive but very clean. Go figure.

The great thing about our personality is that we can change by breaking a bad habit, creating a good habit or making a new habit.

Here’s a page I wrote on How I Changed My Life For The Better.

Know that when you are motivated to change you can and you will.

You could become a person with all the best qualities from all of the personality types.

And, become a Superman/Superwoman of personage.

In conclusion, we must keep in mind that we are striving to meet a cooperative compromise striving to bring out the best result for all parties involved.

We must be honest, truthful, ethical and the most difficult to be selfless.

After all, this is the main reason why this website got started.

So, let’s act in a way that we can go to sleep at night guilt free.

Thank you, for sharing your time and please don’t forget to leave me a comment.




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