Can Anyone Tell Me How To Make Money Online Honestly [They Do Exist]

With So Many Different Ways To Make Money Online, Can Anyone Tell Me How To Make Money Online Honestly?

I’ve definitely asked this question and so have many others.

To start, may I ask what is your definition of “make money online honestly?” Because as you’re well aware of this search phrase or more accurately “keyword” is very broad. Here’s what I’ve come across searching on the web for that keyword.

  • Watching Movie Previews, videos, news, shows, etc.., but must watch all on the playlist. Possible to make $225 a month.
  • Cashback sites – connect to thousands of stores e.g. Walmart, Amazon, Target, etc.., for a gift card and/or cashback of a percentage of your purchase.
  • Online survey – getting paid for the surveys you complete.
  • Downloading Apps – must use the app for a set period of time in return you’ll receive a gift card or merchandise.

Cited above are just a very few listed on the web and there are endless results possibilities for you to choose from. Therefore, my goal is not to overwhelm you on top of what’s already out there on the world wide web.

Hence, I’ll get to the point and say if you’re looking for something similar to what I’ve noted above then you don’t need me to go over what’s already there on the internet.

However, if you’re searching for an honest way to make money online by starting your own online business then now that’s a different story.

So, before I get to the all-important question of how to make money online honestly. Let’s first determine if it’s really plausible and profitable working online. 

Allow me to cut through the chase and start by giving you some facts as if it would be worthwhile in pursuing monetary gain by the means of online/internet.

As you’re well aware, for many years it has been inescapable not to see, read and hear from the mass media regarding how well the online websites are doing. And how companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and eBay are making tons of money each year.

During the recent past year 2018, Google made 75 billion, Amazon 107 billion, Microsoft 30 billion, Facebook 18 billion, and eBay 9 billion. And I could also go on and on down the list of all the other online companies how much money they made, however, I’ll stop here since it’s not difficult searching the data on your own.

So, how are these websites making so much money?

Well, for starters, presently there are over 7 billion people on earth, and of which, 4 billion people are actively utilizing the internet unquestionably every day. That means more than half of the world’s population are full-time internet users.

So to sum it up, for the past decade, that works out to be an average of 32 million new users per month or 380 million new users increase per year.

Furthermore, with no clear signs that the world’s population will be slowing down any time soon, it would not be surprising to see the continual growth for the online/internet to sustain this momentum for at least another decade.

As a result, we will continue to see, read, and hear from the mass media and now the social media to boot.

With this tremendous boom exploding from the internet/online, it’s not hard to figure out who, what, where, and how these major websites are focused on devoting to drive up their revenues to soar even higher.

And as mentioned, since there’s no sign of stagnation on the world population any time soon, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out which direction the online/internet business should be headed.

As simple as I’ve made it sound the reality is these major website companies have positioned themselves well and their business decisions are well reflected in their earnings and growth.

For this very reason, I told myself, I got to get involved before it’s too late and no way did I want to get left behind.

Thus, blinded by my elevated optimism, I believed it all sounded easy, and making money online legitimately and honestly, would be a piece of cake.

What I went through that you could avoid.

So not knowing where to begin, I simply typed in “How Do You Make Money Online” and started searching, researching, and gathering all the information I could possibly find.

And by the time when I thought I knew enough to finally earn money online, I was hit with the truth that there were so many things I still didn’t know and understand.

Nevertheless, I continued and even with more information I amassed, I realized there was still so much more I hadn’t touched.

Plus now, with all this data overloading my head, it was like I was investigating a crime scene, and even with all the evidence in front of me, I couldn’t figure out how the culprit successfully committed the crime.

Moreover, time and time again, in order for me to solve this mystery I continued to examine countless more “promising” methods.

However, again and again, were determined unreliable inasmuch as the steps were too vague, undescriptive, and/or in most cases incomplete. 

If that wasn’t bad enough, there were other instances when I was completely caught off guard with unbelievable methods which made out the process to be an instantaneous success.

Yet, only later turned out to be exactly that, unbelievable and questionable scams and get-rich-quick schemes.

Adding to my belief that it would be impossible to make any money online, let along, making money online honestly.

Always Stay Alert and Be Careful.

Scammers are everywhere on the internet looking for ways to steal your money and frustratingly it seems without any consequences.

As a result, they don’t view people as people they only see them as possible targets and revenue.

Once you fall victim to a scammer it gets even more challenging to figuring out what is legitimate and what is not.

I soon then realized making money online is not like a “simply add water” and suddenly “POOF” you’ve got a perfect product.

Furthermore, as I proceeded to look for guides to help me no easy solution could be found. Since the vital pieces of information were never in one place but instead, it was dispersed all over the internet.

As hard as it was I kept on searching in hopes it would be worthwhile in the end. By this time I had too much time and effort invested and once and for all I had to see it through.

But, why is it so complicated to simply start an online business and make money online?

Why is it so complicated?

Because first of all there are many components that are required and not to overlook the costs that are associated with each component.

Both of these factors combined will only serve to complicate the process of getting an online/internet business up and running.

And, consequently, it gets too complex for any beginner and without the proper HONEST guidance, there’s a high likelihood of being misled quite easily. 

Cost and components required to do business online. (In US dollars)

Cost Of Doing Business Online

As shown above, starting an online business/website is not an easy 3 step process.

Multiple pieces need to be maintained and managed in order for the online/internet business to run smoothly. 

For this reason, many fall prey to scammers who make you believe it’s easy. 

That’s why without the proper training and continuous aid and advice, from others who care about your success as much as their success, it becomes extremely comfortable for anyone to lose focus, quit, or even worse get scammed.

So, a reliable community you can count on and trust is an essential element for anyone to receive a thorough understanding of the business. 

Continuously having the live human experience, the live feedback is considerably more valuable than a set in stone DVD and/or a website alone. 

Finally, my prayers are answered.

While my dreams were evaporating by the day, I then unexpectedly ran into something that seemed promising.

As I went through the process I could not let down my guards due to my ill-advised experience. Instinctively, I had to prove them wrong and I had to find their flaws.

However, this time around, the more I learned and completed the tasks, the more their training lessons proved to work.

The next thing I realize I had a Website, Domain name, and Hosting setup. The amazing thing was everything was completed through the Free Training Lessons.

I couldn’t believe the day when my website went on “Live” on the internet ready to earn money online.

And to think it was all done for Free.

However, don’t think in view of it being free that it was easy. No, it was not. I had to put in the time, effort, and apply what I’ve learned.

Unlike other methods I’ve used, which gave me nothing for free and either made sure of the fee schedule or flat-out hid their charges, Wealthy Affiliate gave me something for zero.

Included in the Free Training Lessons, I learned about the Niche, Setup Website, SEO, Content, Custom Menus, and Keywords. Much to learn, much to apply, and endless questions asked as I progressed to each level.

Wealthy Affiliate 10 Free Training Lessons

Why did it work?

The reason why it worked for me was owed to over a million members in the community living throughout the world. By sharing, supporting, helping one another 24/7/365 by answering questions, giving advice and ideas, or simply providing motivation.

So with the help and support from our community and accompanied by Wealthy Affiliate’s structured Training Program, I was able to achieve what everyone else failed to do.

And, that is to finally get my online/internet business active, live and ready to earn money on the world wide web.

Please, do not misunderstand me I don’t mean Wealthy Affiliate is the only choice and I’m sure there are other programs and companies out there.

However, from what I’ve used there wasn’t any that came close to what Wealthy Affiliate provided.

With that being said, if you are interested in how you can get started with Wealthy Affiliate, and finally position yourself to make money online honestly then let me be the first to welcome you.

But first, please note, there are No Free Starter Membership / Free Training Lessons for people living in Bangladesh, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tanzania, and Vietnam. Only the paid or Premium Membership is offered. Plus, unfortunately, the following countries are unable to join Premium, even as a paid Premium member. Senegal, Turkey, and Nigeria.   

Now, before anything else here’s something you need to know about Wealthy Affiliate and I’m sure it would be of interest to you.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership

  • Free Starter Membership (except excluded countries)
  • Free Starter Membership Training Lessons (see above)
  • Instant Help & Support from our community
  • 1 Free Website (yours to keep)
  • No credit card needed
  • No Personal info to set up an account
  • Your Email address will never be sold out or sold off

Next, after completing the Free Starter Membership training lessons, then you have the choice to upgrade to the Premium Membership.

It’s your decision if you want to or not, it’s up to you and we don’t force you.

For those who are interested in taking it to the next level here’s the comparison of the Free Starter Membership -vs- the Premium Membership.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership

For a complete breakdown of the Free Training Lessons, Costs Incurred in Starting an Online Business, What’s Included in the Premium Membership, and  How Could I Save More on Membership. Click Here.


For additional information about Wealthy Affiliate and the Education, Websites, Hosting, Domains, Community, and Success Stories, Click Here.

Lastly, please be advised, this is not a Get-Rich-Quick scheme and much of your Time and Effort is needed.

I need for you to be informed you need to be prepared to study, learn, apply, and ask questions when you get stuck for the best results.

It will not come easy and it could take months and even a year for you to realize any monetary return from your website. Although the good news is how fast and how much a person makes is up to the individual.

I want to thank you for visiting my website and taking the liberty of sharing your time with me. I’ll be more than happy to hear from you so please leave me a comment or a question.

Depending on where you live I’ll try to be prompt to respond as quickly as possible.

I hope to see you around as a new member of our community.

Wishing you Massive Success in all your endeavor.



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