How To Achieve Financial Goals [So Hard Yet So Easy]


Hello, I am Jason. Thanks for visiting Why Not For Me. This site is dedicated to striving toward fulfilling one’s goals by focusing on delivering action to generate positive change. The positive changes we want to make which would lead ahead in reaching the best mental, physical and financial outcome.

And regarding which for now of the three expanses, the mental, physical, and financial, let’s begin with the financial. The all-important, How to Achieve Financial Goals or in other words, How to Become Financially Independent.

The immeasurably essential Money which bears a considerable weight on the change for the better and “Why not for me.”

And what’s more, if it’s alright, I’ll make certain to address the mental and physical well-being in the near future.

However, before I start, I want to emphasize making money should not be about outright selfish greed. Besides, not to sound corny, but rather we should focus on being honest and moral. To regard others with respect to how we would want to be treated. Where we can go to sleep in peace during the night.

With all things considered how about we begin.

From my experience, I have witnessed an inordinate number of individuals being misdirected with regards to “How to Make Money” and through which “How to Achieve Financial Goals.”

By and large, it’s due to the education and training introduced by companies, employers, bosses, and managers. And sadly for few through one’s own particular deceived conception.

Again and again, have I witness the individual in charge, coach and motivate their trainees with a “No Matter What It Takes” mindset and reasoning.

Regrettably, from what I have observed, this misled numerous people going out on a limb as though they were gambling. Unconsciously influenced, they were driven toward settling on frantic and absent-minded decisions.

Consequently, as of the outcome of their choices left the victims feeling guilty, anxious, hopeless, angry and isolated. To be left feeling abandoned, rejected, betrayed and desperate without a single hope and help to be found.

As a result, like a domino effect, their finances became a mess and consequently brought about a greater number of obligations than what may already exist. And for many in the end, were left incapable and forced to file for bankruptcy and even worse for some also ended up in prison.

Have had they received the proper training and education on how to achieve financial goals, they most likely would have seen a better outcome.

Where are the companies, employers, bosses and managers in the midst of this urgent and desperate time? They are never around to assume any liability to safeguard their victims.

Do you think they’re losing sleep at night?

Well, only if it happens to them.

So Sad, most pitiful Indeed.


We are living at a time where the technological advances have surged ever greater in all areas of business growth. Information and data are instantaneously aiding this growth in our time.

However, unfortunately, without accountability, this vital technology will be abused more so in the future and only will get worse and not better.

Which leads me to say, from my experience, I’ve discovered people gain Honest and Legal wealth through three straightforward ways.

In the first place, they obtain wealth through inheritance (born to it or destined to it).

Second, they win some form of the lottery (including marrying the rich or a lawsuit).

And finally, third, in simple layman’s terms, Hard Work.


                To begin with, let’s take a look at inheritance and winning the lotto.


How might I guarantee myself to become rich from inheritance and lotto? What should I do? Is there a solution or system in place?

I would prefer not to break the awful news to you, however, the fact of the matter is, inheritance and lotto are nothing but pure luck. Either you’re born to inherit it or hope you’ll win or hit it. Most disappointingly the odds are against you on this one and you shouldn’t bank your money on these.

At this point, for a great number of us, regarding inheritance, we already know if we’re going to receive it or not. And as for Lotto, Marrying the Rich, and a possible Lawsuit, unfortunately, expecting to become a millionaire (nowadays a multi-millionaire) through these methods are unrealistic. What’s more, relying on it to happen will prompt the biggest letdown of your life.

Next, let’s take a look at Hard Work.

What about Hard Work? Is there a guarantee? Do you have to be lucky? What does it mean?

Well with all things considered, it implies for you to set a goal, get educated, and have the drive. Also, be resourceful, persevere and maintain or improve present physical health. Then keeping all in unison to reach that goal and in our case, financial freedom called Money and become a tycoon (multi-millionaire due to inflation).

Through your effort, there is an assurance and by your activity, fortune will find you.

Let’s break down Hard Work as simple as possible.

Hard Work:

  • Set a goal – In our case money (Financial Independence). Must rouse your ambition and determination to achieve. To desire it with excitement and effort with the overpowering purpose to meet your goal. If it does not you did not set the right goal because there will be hard times.
  • Education – Acquiring the know-how, training, and experience to achieve your goal. Must know where to start and how you’re going to get there. Having and implementing a plan of action.
  • Drive – Accomplishment is doing. Putting in the time to be educated. Overcoming lazy impulses, fearing stagnation and be an advocate for self. Must be pushing yourself and cannot rely on others to drive you.
  • Resourcefulness – Conquering obstacles, problems, complications and unexpected circumstances. Staying on the course. There will always be hard times, however, must continue otherwise it’s not the right goal.
  • Perseverance – To stick to it or stick-to-it-iveness. While it appears to be totally defeated to hang in there just a little longer and then some more. Absolute no quitting under any circumstances.
  • Present Health – It’s all too easy to say, be in your best of health. And with proper diet and exercise for which who am I to say anything. But for the sake of why not for me and to become financially Independence, you should know your present health. Realize we are only one heartbeat away from death.

If you have defined the right goal you’ll find no quitting on yourself. And you’ll discover, that, extra drive you need to resume when encountering a setback.

By utilizing these concise steps, now you have the means to realize how to achieve financial goals and establish your wealth and financial independence.

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